Comprehensive and CAMA Land Use Plan

Comprehensive and CAMA Land Use Plan Overview

Cape Carteret’s Comprehensive and CAMA Land Use Plan updates are currently underway and need YOUR input!

The Cape Carteret CAMA and Comprehensive Plan* update is currently underway and needs YOUR input!

The plan will be a guide for land use decisions and funding prioritization in the years to come.

Please contribute your vision for the Town and your comments and opinions by filling out the vision form below and/or attending a public meeting.

If you would like information on future planning phases, meetings, and feedback opportunities, please make sure to provide your email address in the vision form below.

If you would like to invite the planning team to speak to you at your regularly-scheduled meeting, please let us know in the vision form below.  Be advised that, owing to the pandemic, remote or virtual meetings are the preferred meeting format.

The Town is also currently creating a Unified Development Ordinance, which will meet the requirements of new North Carolina law, and will be adopted by July 1st.  Please see below for public open house information.

*Why CAMA and Comprehensive Land Use Plan? Coastal communities are subject to the Coastal Area Management Act, which requires that all localities adopt a land-use plan which meets certain guidelines established by the Coastal Resources Commission.  As of June 2020, North Carolina General Statutes require that all localities must have a Comprehensive Plan.  This plan will satisfy the requirements of both CAMA and NCGS 160D.


Unified Development Ordinance Public Open House

Date: Tuesday, May 11th
Time: 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Location: Cape Carteret Town Hall
102 Dolphin Street
(outside on lawn)

Public Input Session before Sounds by the Sound

Date: Friday, June 25th
Time: 5:30 PM – 8:00 PM
Location: Cape Carteret Community Park on Dolphin Street


To inform the planning process, we are collecting data from the people who know Cape Carteret best – you and your neighbors. Please follow this link and create your own map to add your most and least favorite places, areas of flooding, development opportunities, and more.

Please add your comments to the interactive map by clicking on the map or by using the ‘Go to Interactive Map’ button below. You may sign in by creating an account and confirming your email address, or you may sign in as a guest if you would prefer to remain anonymous.

Once you sign-in, make sure the legend at the top right is visible. Then click on the plus sign at the right of each legend item you would like to add and then click the place on the map where you want to add it.


Below are two versions for the final draft of the comp plan for the Town. The Board of Commissioners will vote on Monday, March 14th to adopt either Version 1 or Version 2 of the plan. Use the buttons below to review each version and use the form below to provide feedback.

Take the Land Use Plan Survey to Provide Additional Feedback!


Anne Darby, AICP

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